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Thread: Berg Inner Axle Shaft Fix

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Default Berg Inner Axle Shaft Fix

Since I have been running Holmes Hobbies 45T Hand Wound Motors. I have been breaking the pins off the inner axle shafts. When my wife broke a pin off this weekend running Integy 55T V11 it started getting old. I bought a few sets of spares but with the limited parts carriers for bergs out there I figured I would try to come up with a solution on how to fix or replace the pins on the broken shafts because that is all that is wrong with them. I am sick of paying for spare shafts and paying for the shipping, that is if you can find them instock. I have seen a few people that I know break the pins also. So I thought I would try to locate a replcement pin. I came up with some HPI pins that are close to the same length as the stock berg inner shaft pins. I measure the width of the pin and the original stock berg pin was .500" and the replacement HPI pins was .460". Since I am using axial stub shafts do to the increase stength, I also measured the pin width on a axial inner shaft and it measured at .420". I then stuck the replacement pin after it was installed on a repaired shaft into the outer stub shaft and it seems like it will work fine. I will do some testing with it to see if there will be any problems but I believe there will not be.

Berg inner long shaft with a broken pin:

I then punched the remaining portion of the pin out of the center of the shaft. I did 4 shafts and 2 of the pins was a major pain to get out. I started with a beefier center punch to move the pin and then used a standard punch that was smaller than the pin diameter to punch it out the remainder of the way.

Here is the remainder of the pin sitting next to the shaft that the pin came out of:

The remaining portion of the pins from three of the four shafts:

Here is what I used for the replacement pins. The Part Number is Z260 from HPI. 12 come in a package for $3.00 at my LHS. .25 cents to repair a shaft versus $6.00 to $7.00 a pair plus shipping for replacement shafts. (Somewhere around $12.50 to my door with shipping) The pin size is 2.5mm X 12mm.

I started installing the pins on the four using my vise as a press. I have aluminum jaws so the pins did not get gawled. Once they were started I tapped them in the rest of the way with the flat side of a ball peen hammer. Make sure you take your time to get the pins in with even length on both sides of the shaft.

Here is a comparison of the replacement pin versus the original pin: The original is on the right and the replacement is on the left:

Here is a picture of a replacement pin shaft in a used beat up Axial stub so you can see the pin clearly goes from one side to the other:

Here is a picture of a original inner berg shaft in the same axial stub shaft.

Here is the original berg shaft showing the measurement:

And a picture of the replacement pin shaft.

Again I will put them in a run them to see if there is any problems but I do not believe there will be.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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