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Thread: My CR-01 build (detailed)

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Default My CR-01 build (detailed)

  1. Introduction and preparation
  2. Parts bag A - steps 1 to 11
  3. Parts bag B - steps 12 to 15
  4. Parts bag C - steps 16 to 20
  5. Parts bag D - steps 21 to 32
  6. Trimming, masking and painting - step 33
  7. Remaining body - steps 34-37

Hello from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and welcome to my Tamiya CR-01 Land Cruiser build thread.

I am brand new to crawling... I haven’t owned anything radio controlled since I built a Tamiya Hornet back in the eighties.This is a hobby that really appeals to me and I’ve been thinking about getting into it for a while. My wife and I do a lot of camping with our six-year-old daughter and I thought that a crawler would be fun to bring along. I chose the CR-01 for a number of reasons.

  • I wanted something slow that could be enjoyed almost anywhere
  • I wanted a kit with lots of parts... building is (at least) half the fun!
  • I’ve built Tamiya stuff in the past and I really like the way their kits go together
  • I watched a few videos and I’m impressed with the performance
  • I like the way it looks
  • I’m more interested in recreation than competition

A Great Hobbies store opened in our neck of the woods in December and that’s where I purchased the CR-01 kit and almost all of the components and supplies. My wonderful wife went to them for the BNF Hobbyzone Super Cub LP she got me for Christmas, but that’s another thread. ;)

During the build I took a lot of pictures. I thought about lumping the whole thing in a single post... too big. I thought about one post per step... too many. The best option remaining was to break it down into fair-sized chunks, so that’s what I decided to do.

All of my build pics are posted together in one Flickr set. Most appear here in this thread with the captions beneath them. The pictures and captions are clickable - they launch a full-sized picture in a separate window or tab. And any time I have additional comments, they appear below the caption for that picture.

Please also note that although I disagree with some of the wording, I am using the step titles specified in the Tamiya manual for the sake of consistency.

Without further ado:

Tamiya Land Cruiser
Love that box art!

What's in the box
Based on what’s in the manual, there are 1005 parts in the box... not including the manual itself.

The book
The manual is also available online.

The tools
Not shown: Large phillips screwdriver, toothpicks, tweezers, soldering iron (and accessories), wire stripping tool, magnetic wristband.

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