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Thread: How to install: RcBros light weight 7075 tubes!!

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Default How to install: RcBros light weight 7075 tubes!!

First off a huge thanks to Will at RcBro's for making these VERY WELL designed tubes! Our friend Jason needed to fix his front axle and Will came to the rescue on Sunday and got us these hot off the press.

Here is a step by step on how we installed them...

Step #1 Stay hydrated during these warm spring weekends

Step #2 Remove front axle and old worn out axle tubes

Step #3 Admire the pretty new light weight tubes! (notice the scribe marks for alignment)

Step #4 Mount tubes onto gear box with the notch on the end facing verticle

Step #5 (skip this step if using splined axle C's) dremel out C's to 0.550"

Step #6 Align C's to desired position

Step #7 Drill and tap C's onto tubes (I use a 3/32" drill bit and 3mmx0.5 tap with plenty of lube!)

Step #8 Throw food on the grill to keep from starving!

Step #9 Align link mounts to desired position. Notice the marks on the mounts are for 10 degree increments. We decided on a 20 degree clock for the gearbox.

Step #10 Drill 3/32" hole through top of mount into tube. Be very careful drilling this hole, and use a drill press if possible!

Step #11 Tap tube with 3x0.5 tap then file off the ridge the threads made on the tube. Again, use lots of lube!

Step #12 I forgot to take a picture of this step, but drill the link mount hole out to 1/8" so it get's clamped onto the tube when tightened down. Be sure to file off the ridge on the inner face of the mount after drilling the hole!

Step #13 Drill another 3/32" hole in the front of the mount and tap both the mount and tube together. And of course, lots of lube!

Step #14 Admire your work so far, and flip the steaks!

Step #15 Install axles and knuckles. (we had to add a washer to the link mount screws to clear the OG super 300's)

Step #16 Install axle back onto truck and live happily not having to worry about C's coming loose!

Thanks for viewing!

TOM & Jason
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