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Thread: Bomber Resurrection

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Default Bomber Resurrection

Good Day RCCrawler Crew!

I apologize in advance for the incredibly lengthy opening post, I tend to ramble on with things I am passionate about

My name is Mick and I’ve been involved in the r/c car hobby since 1986, yes, you read that right..a looooong time!

A little background:

Until a month ago, in fact that entire 30 year span, I was completely immersed in the r/c race world, I did on road racing for a decade until the traction liquids that were being applied to make the tires sticky started to affect me physically, essentially I became allergic to the fumes that the liquid-on-foam would produce.

So I moved on to offroad racing where I enjoyed all the 1/10 scale classes; 2wd Short course, 4wd Short course, 2wd Modified buggy, 4wd Modified buggy, and I even tried 1/8 eBuggy for a short time. I never ever got into the nitro scene, just another bunch of fumes I didn’t need to deal with lol.

Both on and off road have their merits and I enjoyed them immensely, and I still do a little offroad 4wd buggy racing with the local club. Super bunch of guys to hang with.

I got into r/c racing because I loved the idea of racing high performance cars without actually having to buy a REAL one, lol. I’m more than happy with the r/c racing to quench my competitive automotive thirsts. The problem with both onroad and offroad these days is they don’t really emulate any real-world vehicles.

And then I saw King of the Hammers.. Damn! Now here was a class of r/c cars that truly replicated their real-world counterparts! The more I look into it, the more I like! Being a go-fast guy, what is appealing to me right now is the U4RC scene. I know I have MUCH to learn when it comes to the complexities of setting up a rig to go fast AND climb well. I’m used to 4mm ride height for the road cars and 15mm ride height for the off-roaders.

Now to my connection with this branch of the hobby. I was reading in some online forum somewhere, or maybe it was Facebook, I don’t recall actually, but I came across this guy who built some pretty kickass looking stuff and went by the handle “bilinvic”. Shut the front door! I’ve known Bil for, gosh…close to 20 years now, back when we were both building plastic and resin scale replicas of our favourite race cars. We both had our collective fill of that part of the hobby and went our separate ways not realizing that we’d be back in the same game again someday! So having Bil looking over my shoulder while I begin this new chapter should save me a bunch of time AND money getting up to speed. Big public thank you to Bil right now

Enough background BS!

Most of my forum reading and YouTubing suggested the Axial RR10 Bomber was a very solid platform to build on for U4RC and crawling in general so I set my sights on finding one. Luckily I managed to score a used one locally. This rig had not been used much and had some pretty good quality upgrades done to it, but it lacked proper maintenance and marginal original construction so my first task was to strip it down to nothing and see what I had bought.

It started out it’s life as an RTR but the previous owner quickly upgraded the electronics to a Mamba Max speedo and a Holmes Hobbies 3500kv. Also installed were some lovely Vanquish axles and MIP axles. His choice of wheels and tires were not my style but I assumed I’d be upgrading those anyway as I start to figure out what it was I was going to run this on/over.

Couple things I noticed right away:

Steel spur and an aluminum pinion..that’s not gonna work..

Not sure if it was intentional or not but it appears he installed the steering link backwards which would severely limit the turning radius if I’m not mistaken..

Here’s a pic of the underside and you can see that it doesn’t have a lot of wear on it, and as I’ve been inspecting parts as I’m tearing it down, everything is in great shape, just not maintained after what was obviously some time spent running in water. You buy a used vehicle and you get what you get right? That being said I’m still totally happy with what I purchased

Front links had also been upgraded to what Bil confirmed to be Incision Stainless steel links. The rear on the other hand were just the box stock units so those got upgraded right away.

As mentioned previously it appears this rig had spent some time in water and then not cleaned after and it was readily apparent looking at the bearings. A few were still good but a significant portion were showing signs of corrosion on the outside and were very gritty feeling when rotated, even after a thorough cleaning in the ultrasonic cleaner, so a new bearing set was required. Lots of recommendations on this site for Fast Eddie bearing sets so Fast Eddie it is! Speaking of good reviews I also heard good things about the SSD trailing arms so decided to try them out as well.

A quick observation at this point; it’s funny that there is so little cross-over between aftermarket manufacturers in all these different flavours of r/c cars. A couple companies make stuff for all the different genres but some of these crawler-specific companies I had never heard of before and considering my lengthy time in the hobby I would have thought otherwise. Just shows theres LOTS of room out there for specialty companies.

Interior got a full overhaul, matte black spray and then a bunch of detail hand painted plus I designed and printed my own sticker kit for it.

The body panels were in excellent shape as the PO had wrapped them in black vinyl right from new.

But I'm not one for looking like anyone else, so I designed and printed my own:

Used wheels, inserts and tires sourced from BilinVic, I did a little color match painting and voila!

All finished and ready to rock!

Pic of my Bomber and it's racing stable-mate the XRAY XB4:

Both 1/10 scale....hmmm....

Whats that you say?

Roads? Where this Bomber is going, I don’t need roads….


Enough for now! Happy to hear comments or questions! Thanks for reading all the way to the end lol.


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