Renoirbud reviews the Holmes Hobbies CrawlMaster 540

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I installed Holmes Hobbies CrawlMaster 540 (16t) in my XR10. These motors exceeded my expectation in every way.













The 16t Armature on a 5 slotted motor performance similar to a 33t 3 slotted.

My set-up;
– Max Amps 430Mah 3 cell
– Dual FXRs
– Futaba 4PK
– Hitec 7950

Initially I installed them with 13t pinions and found that I had more than enough speed, so I went to 12t. The drag brake is as good as it was with the Holmes Pro Motors. The startup was as good as a Holmes Puller motor, maybe even a little better. The start speed is the slowest most controllable I have ever had in any crawler. A Novak sensored Brushless was close, but these are better under load. The amp draw appears to be slightly lower than a 35t, my packs did not get as hot and no loss in performance over a 5 min course (with tiny 430 Mah batteries).

These motors feature 5 slotted armatures and stand up brushes, this is not a slight tweak, and this is a giant leap forward. This motor is my new go to motor. I feel it out performs everything else I have had by a significant margin.…&cat=17&page=1

I have two in my practice truck and have already asked for two more for my comp truck.

Here is a quote from Holmes that I agree with 100%.

‘One cannot build a finer or more precise armature!’

Thank you John.


The Red Motor is the 16t 5 slotted, the Black Motor is a 3 slotted 35t, exactly the same size.

Text and Photos provided by Renoirbud (Rene Budzisch)

For more info vist: Holmes Hobbies

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