Bulu Productions and the 2010 MSD/Axial Scale Nationals DVD Review

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Long at last Bulu Productions has released their newest DVD, the 2010 MSD/Axial Scale Nationals and we got our hands on the first copy to leave the cold, wet Pacific Northwest.

Brett from BULU Productions is one of the original old school members of RCC, he has paid his dues, he comes from the days when you actually had to put your own crawlers together from parts you fabricated with your own hands.  Back then we didn’t have the luxury of running down to the local Hobbytown and picking up an Axial Honcho.  To get this DVD done Brett and his family had to make some major sacrifices, he sold all of his crawlers just to help with the production, not to mention the countless time he spent away from his family editing hours upon hours of footage.

With no crawlers in tow Brett headed east from his home in Oregon to Helena, Montana to catch the top scale crawler drivers from all around the country in his lens.  While everyone else was having a blast playing with their toy trucks, Brett was stuck behind his cameras all weekend.  I say stuck, like it’s a bad thing, but to Brett he loved it and you can tell by the great shots he got all weekend.

If someone was driving a crazy line, or adding the power to fling some mud Brett was there right in the middle of the action.  The DVD is broken up into 4 sections, Street Class, Trail Class, Top Truck Challenge, and the credits.  While the entire DVD has great footage, my personal favorite section was the TTC section.  Something about seeing some of the most famous scalers that we have all read about online being buried in the mud or COMPLETELY submerged in the water just does it for me.

I’ll for sure give this DVD a big 2 thumbs up, it’s full of incredible footage, the soundtrack is great and it never overpowers the sound of the rigs themselves.  I hear these things selling like hotcakes so if you want one you’d better get in line now.  Hopefully we can all talk Brett into making a bunch more copies because I know the demand will be there.

Bulu Productions is selling these DVD’s right here on RCCrawler, get yours by CLICKING HERE.

Photo Credit goes to Jeff Stevens

Watch these great previews


MSD Scale Nationals Teaser#1 from Brett Carlson on Vimeo.

2010 MSD Scale Nats Teaser#3 from Brett Carlson on Vimeo.

2010 MSD Scale Nats Teaser#4 from Brett Carlson on Vimeo.

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