Goat Hill Scale Challenge 2012

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 Written by Harley.  Yesterday marked the first Goat Hill Scale challenge. This event really showcased what the KCRC (Kansas City Rock Crawlers) club can do. The Kansas City area is really stacked with some amazing talent, I’d put it against any club in the nation for the ability to put out some of the coolest trucks, media and products in RC crawling. I’m proud to be part of this club.

The GHSC was several months in the making. Jerry “the DMG” scouted the location and came up with he idea of the scale event. The guys in the club spent many weekends cutting trails, creating trophies, mapping the course, creating course markers, building seating, cleaning the property, etc. After several weeks, the course was ready to go!


The event was broken into three different classes. First was the adventure class which was a simple timed trail ride where the fastest time didn’t necessarily win. After everyone ran, a random time was chosen and the winner was the closest to that time. The other two classes were based on the fastest time that a two person team could run the course, broken down into 1.9 and 2.2 scalers.One of our newest club members Ryan “RMD Photography” took some great shots of the event.


BC Racing decided to have some trophies cut out for us. Some graphics where printed up by Freq E Tag (yet another KC local) and EVOL cut out some vinyl.



Adventure Challenge entry’s.


1 the DmG
BC Racing
4 LabGuy
muddauber jr
10 EbonyNinja636
11 muddauber SR
12 Badd Attitued
14 Luckster
15 Pedlhed
16 RMD
17 Dezzy
18 TLM


Team Challenge entry’s


2.2 class


BC Racing – the DmG / Team Chupacabra” 2.2 
2 LabGuy – Badd Attitued 2.2
Team Dinky R/C – jr/sr 2.2 


1.9 class


evOL – Jshull – “Zombie Cheerleaders” 1.9
2 sixshooterstang – EbnoyNinja636 (Team Car Ramrod) 1.9
BC Racing – Badd Attitued 1.9
Viper – Rice burner 1.9
Muddauber sr – DmG 1.9

The name of the event didn’t come out of no where.


Adventure class
The Adventure class was a great time to just take it easy and make your way around the trail without worrying about hustling too much. Trucks ranged from leaf sprung 1.9 trucks to 4WS brushless Wraiths. Likewise, finishing times for the class were between 10 mins and 35 mins.

My Axial SCX based “Doodlebug” bouncing around.










Muddauber Sr. And Muddauber Jr. Winching over the Team Dinky RC Axial SCX Honcho.



The DMG Dreadnought recovery rig seen perched high above the course as a reminder to drive smart!




Even during the Adventure class there were multiple trucks on the course at a time. Helping out a fellow driver was common. EVOL is shown here dragging a Ford back onto its wheels with his Team VP Axial Honcho.



Team Challenge

The team challenge was intense. The course is very treacherous for most of the course, there are only a few short sections to really open up the throttle. Pushing your truck hard on the rocks for 15-30 mins is really tough on parts. Trail repairs and limping your truck across the line were common sights.










Is that going backwards? Nope. It’s just some twisted concoction from Dinky Jr based on the Axial Wraith. It’s dubbed the “RAT”. You can also see a trail repaired tie-rod on the “front”.







Tangled! Two teams trying to get back on the course!



Trying for a spectacular finish, however I was in 1 wheel drive by the end of my last lap.



We logged over 5 hours of footage yesterday. EVOL will be editing the footage and posting it up soon, so subscribe to his channel and keep an eye out for the full video!



Goat Hill Scale Adventure Challenge
Pedlhed 26.11

time frame 11:15 – 30.00 minutes

closest finishing time to 27:15

Dinky Jr under 11:15
DmG 12:36
ASR 16:00
Rick 16:01
RMD 17:05
LabGuy 18.00
Dinky Sr 19:56
brandon 19:58
BC 22:48
josh 23:20
Todd 24:13
Badd-A 25:53
Pedlhed 26.11
justin over 30
viper over 30
evOL over 30
calib over 30
Goat Hill Scale 1.9 Team Challenge
fastest time, out of two runs


Muddauber7 / the DmG

BC / Badd-A
Rice Buner / Ebnoyninja
evOL / Jshull
viper / Rice Burnre

Goat Hill Scale 2.2 Team Challenge
fastest time, out of two runs

BC / the DmG

LabGuy / Badd-a
rick / jasper 
Harley / ASR
Team Muddauber7

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