Harley’s Recap of the 2012 Axial Northwest Scale Championship

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Follow along as Harley recaps his trip to the 2012 Axial Northwest Scale Championships.


What a trip.

Norm, Tim and John I want to thank you three first. I appreciate the opportunity to come out to the event and hang out.

Most the videos in here you can find in my thread – Event Videos 

Some of the pictures below are courtesy of RBGerrish, see his thread – Rbgerrish NSC Pics!

JohnRob and I flew in to Portland around 3PM and met Turtle and Team3Six, again thanks for the transportation Norm. We went to the hotel and got checked in, Turtle and I had the pleasure of sharing a single King bed all weekend!  As people began to roll in from their flights and long drives I was able to start putting faces with names. I have traveled to lots of USRCCA comps but never any scale events, so there were a handful of familiar faces but I still had to try and match the rest of the faces to screen names. 

Then it was off to Rocky’s Pizza for their gourmet pizza buffet and our V.I.P. seating area overlooking all the less important patrons of the establishment. 

Now, back to the hotel for some WHISKEY with everyone! The morning would come all too soon.



You know how bad the sound of an alarm clock pisses you off? Well Turtle came up with a solution to this problem! You set your alarm clock to this specific song and verse Toto – Africa – YouTube . 

So we drag ass out of bed, get ready and head down to get some breakfast. Tim, John and Norm all left early to get things ready for the comp to start. We filled up and tried to stay clear of Chino as he kept refilling his cup with the “passion juice” and we were afraid to see the outcome.

The course for class 1 and class 3 were set and it was time for the drivers meeting and such.


By the end of the day we were all ready to head back to the hotel. It was the night of the concourse, everyone got to vote on all their favorite trucks in a ton of different categories. Some awesome scale rigs were on display, many I had admired online and some were totally new to me.

The TTC competitors all lined up their rigs and we were each given a goody bag from RC4WD. In the bag was a set of the new TTC Baja Claws in the new sticky SS2 compound, a wireless Bulldog winch, ARB snatch block, ARB diff cover key chain, sponsor stickers, scale hook, D-rings, etc.! A truly awesome gift and I was more than happy to mount up the new tires for the event. We were each awarded 2 bonus points as incentive to run the tires as well.


♪♪ “…I bless the rains down in Africa! Gonna take some time to do the things we never have…” ♪♪ Back down for more breakfast with everyone and head to the falls. We had a little drizzle but it went away pretty quickly and the day turned out to be nice and sunny. 

I didn’t get to shoot much video Saturday as I was convinced to run the King of Lucia so I was prepping my truck.

Then it was time for KOL. SDS said that the course was a little over 2 miles and I believe him! It was probably closer to 3 by the time I was able to find all the gates! My final time was 42:20.0 which was a not bad at all, probably 8 down the list, but my hand was killer (J,J,J,A,3)! The hand was the winning hand of the day and after a little confusion at the awards ceremony (THANKS NORM!  ) AJ was the winner of the fastest 2.2 rig, nice work sir. 


The day was over nice and early, giving all of us a chance to go back to the hotel and get cleaned up before gathering for the awards and raffle. The support from the vendors was amazing. We started it off by handing out the killer rig stand/trophies that Tim had laser cut.

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