10 Considerations Before Getting into RC Cars


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10 Points To Get You Started With RC Racing

Racing has always been a cool sport among the masses. With the introduction and popularity of remote control toys, racing has been upgraded to a higher notch. I have been a part of the RC community for quite some time to offer you only the truths about this hobby. If you plan on beginning with remote control racing, you have to make sure that you gather enough information in order to get the most out of your energy and time.

Well, getting started with RC toys is not as easy as it appears. Brainstorming the internet is a huge task. There are massive bundles of information on the web that you have to read and find the relevant pieces for yourself. The task is not only tiring but can also leave you, as a beginner, in thorough confusion. If you are here, then at least, you have started with your research. In this blog, I will enlist the ten most important points to remember to begin with RC racing. This is a collection of all my personal experiences and are all the tried and tested tips. Apart from the beginners, professionals will also find some valuable lessons in here.

There are many types and niches of RC toys

In the world of remote control racing, there is something for everyone. You will find a number of types of RC toys to choose your niche. There are RC trucks made for a superb performance on rough and rocky surfaces. You can choose to go with either a monster truck, as reckless as for its name, or enjoy the sand surfaces with a desert truck. There are RC buggies as well, to cater to the adrenaline rush for the beginners. It is a kind of truck that races both on and off-road. RC truggies are another spectacular type of RC cars. With their giant tires, the truggies are made to run off any and every obstacle effortlessly. RC drifts are made in the F1 racing style vehicle. They are swift and stylish and perfect for those looking for a smooth track racing. RC rock racer are a combination of trucks and drifts made to run through the rocky terrains of mountains with high speed, etc.

In addition to these kinds of RC toys, there are aircraft and many more types of RC vehicles. I suggest you do a thorough research on the kinds of toys available to choose the best one for yourself.

The choice of brand is important

When you sit to search for RC buying options online, you will find a number of websites offering you car kits at inexpensive prices. I would like to give you a warning beforehand: these are not the right products. When it comes to RC cars, you have to make sure that you buy nothing other than a branded product. Online stores with cheaper prices are only selling you the duplicate vehicles which will break down easily. If you find an RC toy expensive, consider it as an investment to enjoy a long time of racing and adrenaline. The brand is everything about the vehicle. It is a first-class guarantee of the quality you are going to receive. There are no false promises and only optimal delivery. In my experience, if you choose a brand, you are in for a fully exciting experience as opposed to the cheap online products.

You have to do a lot of research

Making the right decision about RC toys involves a lot of brainstorming. You have to collect as many facts and tips as possible before getting started. Research on the internet is a good step, to begin with. If you are reading this, then you are on the right track. Read reviews and watch videos on the internet to gain information. You can also talk to other people that you know are involved in this hobby to get more insights. Getting familiar with the RC racing world is all it requires to get started. Join online communities and befriend people in racing tournaments to understand the operations of RC in a much better way.

What to choose: electric or nitro?

A question that puzzles every RC enthusiast, be it a beginner or an advanced racer, is about the choice regarding electric and nitro cars. The basic difference between the two options is that the electric vehicle runs on a battery while the nitro vehicle is powered by the nitro gas. In my experience, electric vehicles require much less maintenance when compared with nitro-powered vehicles. Nitro cars, on the other hand, are less expensive in comparison to electric vehicles. But the nitro gas costs high to make the prices balanced. While nitro is, of course, more thrilling with its engine and sounds, the electric car is more suited for beginners. I would suggest you start with an electric vehicle and switch to nitro once you gain proper experience in the former.

There will be additional expenditure above the kit

I have noticed that most beginners believe that the kit suffices all needs of the RC vehicle. That is a myth. There are many expenses that you have to make on top of the kit. To begin with, the spare tires and battery that comes with the kit are not suited for the long term. You have to switch to other branded pieces for this. Additionally, you have to make investments for the good quality tools required for maintenance. You will also need certain replacement parts for your vehicle to run as fast as it can. In sum, if you think that you have settled all expenses after purchasing the kit, then you are wrong. Buy all other equipment at the beginning itself to avoid facing any kind of disappointments later.

Maintenance is very vital

The same mistake that most beginners make is avoiding the regular check-up and repair work for the vehicle. I cannot stress more on the importance of maintenance for the long life of your RC toy. In fact, once you get started with it, you will start enjoying the process of maintenance. It is for the inner engineer in you and does not require as many efforts as you believe it does. Instead of wasting your money on getting the car repaired from outside, you can do it all by yourself. It is to ensure that your vehicle keeps running its ground without any heavy damage. With regular maintenance services, you will not only keep your vehicle running longer but also detect any potential breakdown in the equipment.

Never return a broken vehicle or equipment

An important rule about RC racing is to retain everything that is broken. If you, supposedly, buy a new car and later find that some of its pieces are broken, then instead of wasting your time haggling with the seller, you can fix it on your own. In similar cases when your vehicle breaks off during a race, you have the option to repair and replace the body parts at very cheap prices. Replacements are available at lower prices and will save you both time and money.

Go out to try different surfaces

I believe that all the fun about RC racing essentially lies in the terrains you race on. As already stated above, there are different vehicles for different terrains. You can choose to race your cars in a place like a park or a road. At the same time, you can travel to a rock climbing or trekking spot or a construction site to get a taste of a more undulating surface. The more locations you try, the more fun you can make racing to be.  With more skills under your belt, you might want to modify an on-road car such as TT01 into a RC rally car running off road.

You have to ensure your safety

One of the chief concerns regarding RC racing is the safety of the racer. Due to this reason, people categorize RC racing as a sport for the adults. In reality, I can bet it is so much more than that. Kids and adults participate in RC sports equally and enjoy it so. When it comes to the issue of safety, it is totally upon you. The racer has to make sure that they are racing within the limits of safety, both for their vehicle and themselves. RC racing is more than just a sport; it is a means of learning life skills. So, if you out there and race your vehicle with full enthusiasm, you also have to make sure that it is within the safety regulations.

  • For the high speed, you should never run your RC cars around small children.  You might hit them accidentally while having fun.
  • Also, you should never charge your batteries unattended as it might go up in smoke and catch fire.

Get the most fun out of your hobby

The bottom line is that you are here to seek fun. RC racing promises you precisely that. Get ready to drive all your passion into racing and experience the best of your adrenaline with RC toys. Make friends in the community and race to win. It is only about all the fun you have and all the lessons you take from the hobby.

I am sure this listicle will help all the beginners to put their right foot forward in the world of RC racing. Read every point to know how to go ahead in the right direction and enjoy your newly found hobby.



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This post has already been read 2539 times!

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