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6 most common mistakes made by RC car beginners.

Are you an RC car beginner? or are you planning on getting your first RC car? Then you need to know the six common mistakes made by most RC car beginners so you won’t fall a victim.


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Among those mistakes, we will discuss six of them and how to prevent these mistakes. Do not waste your money on RC cars. Instead learn the mistakes by heart, and enjoy running them.

1. Not reading or understanding the manual;

This is one of the most common mistakes made by the RC car beginners. The joy of getting your new RC car does make most RC car beginners not to read the manual or not to read and understand the manual. Another reason that can make an RC car beginner not to read the manual can be because he has a little knowledge of RC cars then he believes the manual is not important.

An RC car beginner who ignores the manual is making a big mistake, even if you have some knowledge about RC cars you still need to read the manual because it serves as a guide.

Check below to see some of the things a manual contains, and you will see what you will be losing when you decide not to read the manual.


•Parts list

•Parts diagram

•Assembly types

•Assembly steps

•Function of the vehicle

•Charging the vehicle


•Troubleshooting guide


•Disposal Of Battery

You should take your time to read the manual and understand it. If you have an area you are confused about, you should go to ask an experienced RC car racer or an RC car store nearby.


2. Not buying the right RC car;


This is also one of the most common mistake RC car beginners do make. Owing an RC car needs a lot of responsibility. You as a newbie, need to get something you can manage.

Below are the things you should consider when getting an RC car


Electric Power vs Gas Power;

There are two ways your RC car can be powered, electrically with a battery or with a gas engine.

Electric-powered vehicles are advisable for the beginners because maintaining the gas powered vehicles are not easy.


Car, Truck, or Buggy;

There are many types of RC cars, they include on-road racers, rally cars, rock crawlers, and buggies that can run in sand. As a beginner, you need to do research in other to get the right car to fit your particular needs, the power to crawl, high speed on race tracks or on sand/grass.


What Size: 1/24th, 1/18th, 1/16th,1/12th, 1/10th, 1/8th, or 1/5th,

There are different sizes of RC cars.   When you are buying one, you should know the size you want.

You have to make sure that you have enough space for running your car.  If a beginner has a plan for upgrading your motor, engine, or other parts, make sure the size you’re buying has lots of options.


3. Using too much of water to wash the RC car;


This mistake is common among the beginners because of lack of enough knowledge about the cleaning of RC cars.


RC cars are not like normal cars in which you can use large quantity water to wash. Click To Tweet


When you use a large quantity of water to wash your RC car, you can get into a big problem with your car; it not only can lead to the rust of the metal gears but also totally destroy your expensive electronic receiver and steering servo.


4. Not underestimating the power of your tires;


The tires of any racing car including RC cars are legally the ability to handle a car performance. This implies that choosing the proper RC car tires is quite an important job.

There are several types of tires available. Tire types usually vary according to the type of car and type of surface the car runs on. Here are some types of the tires.

•Drift Tires

•Bowtie Tire

•Ribbed Tire

•All Terrain Tire

•Street Tire

Underestimating the power of tires is really bad because this may affect your RC car during a race negatively. Instead, you should go to a local hobby shop to ask for a recommendation for the tires suitable to your particular RC car.


5. Charge your LIPO batteries overnight during your sleep or unattended;


If the battery starts to bubble, smoke or catches fire, it must be disposed of immediately. Even if you only walk 5 minutes, it will bring disaster Click To Tweet


6. Buying random upgrades


You have to know what you really need before buying your upgrades; otherwise, you just wast your money on buying something that is unnecessary.  Some people replace every plastic part with aluminum options;   The money they spent could actually get  2 or 3 of the same cars.  They do it just because they want to follow their friends instead of participating in races.  Before buying any option part, you might be interested in reading this article to find out the reasons of getting option parts.


Thanks for reading


Written by; Walli Berrih

Edited by; Carlos Santos, your webmaster


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This post has already been read 1005 times!

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