A Short Review For A New Chinese RC Crawler

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Great Rock Racer from HSP

This is another high quality Hong Kong RC jeep for the RC hobbyists with limited budget. This is a RC jeep called Hammer, produced by RGT, a subsidiary of HSPracing Company. It is a famous Hong Kong RC car company located in Dongguan, the toy city of Canton. RGT is focusing on producing and selling premium version of RC cars.

The look of this RC jeep is very good. Before we go into the introduction of this RC car, let’s watch a video to see how it performs first. This car can give a very good first impression to most of the viewers. It is a powerful 4wd RC jeep; in fact it can climb a deep hill very easily.



This jeep is durable

In this video, we should notice that the Hammer is very durable as its body frames, suspension and steering links are all made of aluminum materials. Having this kind of equipment right out the box is not common; even the Axial’s RC jeeps do not have these. We usually have to buy aluminum option parts to upgrade our Axial’s jeeps.

This jeep is powerful

The Hammer also has a 540 motor preinstalled. In other RGT RC Jeeps, you will find a less powerful motor (RC280) preinstalled, so it is a plus sign for the Hammer.  You can ensure that you will have enough space in the jeep for upgrading it with a higher turned brushed motor or a brushless system easily. A waterproof 9KG servo and Hobbywing wp1040 esc are preinstalled. Surely, you can also use your Lipo battery to empower this modern RC jeep. We can ensure that this jeep can take up the abuse in the rocky roads given the materials used to construct this jeep. In fact, its ESC is Lipo ready with a T plug.


Giant tires enhance its look

The Hammer use professional 1:10 climbing tires; it is purposely designed for crawling. These tires are soft, so they have very good grip, and not easy to slip. These tires are also big as its diameter is 135mm, and width is 52mm. With this giant appearance, it look really like a beast in the wild.

Is it a good RC crawling jeep?

Is Hammer the next RC jeep you should purchase? I did a little research on this jeep by reading some of its consumers’ comment lefts for their purchase.  For example, in Amazon and Taobao, some consumers are questioning the dependability of this RC jeep.  Its spur gear is not protected by a protective cover so when the roads are sandy, the gear might be damaged.  One seller in Taobao told me that any RC jeep selling at a lower prices will not have that spur protective cover.  It is clear that you get for what you pay for.  Furthermore, one of its consumer complain that its screws are not durable and can get stripped easily.   Then, when you are upgrading your jeep, you must pay extra attention to the screws.

In my opinion, Hammer is a good RC jeep to have if you don’t mind doing some upgrades on it. Anyway, you can get it for less tan the price charged for an Axial’s jeep.

After reading this article, I hope you have obtained more information about this RC jeep, and can make a wise decision for your next purchase.

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This post has already been read 1865 times!

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