About G Made R1 Rock Buggy RC Crawler

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About Gmade R1 RC Rock Crawler

This is the R-1 rock buggy from G Made which has a price of around $250-$270. It comes as unassembled, but for a few extra dollars, you can get a pre-built model. The main R1’s feature is its appearance. The nylon tube frame looks awesome and there is probably nothing alike in today’s market. This RC crawler is not a competition crawler but can go anywhere and to anything rock racer. Riding R1 is a lot of fun. On the random, not that demanding terrain its wheels will almost always stay on the ground. What may help with performances is to set wheels in their rearward configuration. This RC crawler is pretty powerful and can get you through the beginner stages of RC hobby.

The components of this crawler

Three piece plastic bead locks are included and it uses Philips head screws. These are something that most modelers don’t want nowadays. Almost all of the hardware throughout the kit has Philips’ heads. The included tires have foam inserts and the compound of the rubber is moderately soft but the design of the tread doesn’t give you a lot of compliance and the rubber is not very sticky. The R1 tends to have nagging and very consistent drivetrain issue. Nothing will break in the plastic center shafts, but the sound is not pretty. The R1 in its kit stock form is pretty mediocre and it needs some work and it needs some new parts. This is not a competition crawler. In fact, this one is for beginners and those who want to have fun on different terrains.


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This post has already been read 1160 times!

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