An alternative to Yeti - VRX RH 1045 review - Best RC

An alternative to Yeti – VRX RH 1045 review

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Yeti is a fast rock racer.   If you want a rock racer to be able to climb and run at the same time, you should get it.  It is much faster than a regular crawler.  In fact, it is an off-road formula 1.  You might easily get bored with the slow speed of a crawler, then don’t miss Yeti.  While it is at a higher price, in my opinion, it is worthy.  The excitement the Yeti brings to its driver is unexpected.  You can read the full review of Yeti here.

Can Yeti really Crawl?  Watch the above video to find out.  The video shows that Yeti is not only an offroad racer, it can also crawl very well.  Pay close attention to the steepness of the rocky paths.  It is very powerful indeed.  I love it.

An alternative to Yeti

If you have a limited budget and are considering buying the Yeti Jr, you must watch the video below.  The JR is not as capable as the Yeti.  The JR cannot crawl very well.  I suspect that it is due to its smaller size and limited power.

Watch the video presented here to find out more about the Yeti jr.

If you prefer one that fits your smaller budget.  There is a similar one produced by a Chinese manufacturer.  The racer’s name is VRX RH1045.  You might be interested in getting it instead of Yeti.  The VRX RH1045 can perform as well as the Yeti.  Don’t believe it?  Watch the video presented here.  You can check out how well it can handle different road conditions.

Superb Off-Road Racer

This is another high-quality China RC buggy for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget. VRX RH1045 is a coolest RC hobby graded racing brushless desert monster buggy. If we say it is a small formula 1 desert racing car it would not be a lie. Basically, this electronic sand XL buggy is made up of a plastic cage and underneath is 3AAA battery attached with steel shocks and sensors. Viewing the whole abdominal part with jumbo-sized tires, this buggy gives an amazing look of an electronic spider crawling around in an energetic attitude.

Very Capable Monster Tires

Its big tires give a complete centrifugal force to maintain the balance on height or while jumping. With VRX’s highly précised shape torque is generated in such a way to manage turns on its way. Rolled up tires prevent the buggy to stuck in any muddy or massive area and its shock absorbers equally strengthen it on smooth surfaces and on extensive rocky paths.

Watch the video here to find out who is the winner, Yeti or VRX?  Which has better handling in the wild and rocky roads?  This is fun to watch especially if you are planning to get one of these RC buggies.  You must watch this video!!!.

Below is the link to a video with complete description.

This video is all about Car unboxing, review, and driving experience. The man in the video knows what he is doing and very professional.

You can check the price for VRX RH 1045 here

Let’s Examine The Car

This RC mini Truck is roughly $210 bucks and £180 in the UK. Very cheap for so much fun! Parts are available directly from JLB or from

With following exclusive features assembled in one RC vehicle is no less than saying

Power System:
ESC: Brushless 45A
Motor: Brushless 3650 3000KV
Servo: Waterproof 40g, Metal Gear
15kg/cm 0.15sec
Battery: 7.4V 3500mah 25C LIPO
Charger: 2S-3S
Single gear ratio: 11.2: 1
Size: 500*300*220mm (L*W*H)
Wheelbase: 328mm

With a free charger and rechargeable battery, this hobby graded high-speed RC vehicle is highly recommended to revolve around you in your lawn.

Order It Now!!!

If I were you, I will order this wonderful RC rock racer at once.


Yesterday, I have just talk to the representative from this manufacturer.  According to that person, the item is still available, and in fact, it is one of the best sellers in their company.

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This post has already been read 1285 times!

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