Are larger wheels better for RC crawling?

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What Are The Best RC Crawling Tires?

Are bigger wheels necessary?

The simple answer to this question depends on the situation you drive you RC rock crawling on.  While some RC rock crawling jeeps come with 1.9″ tires, others are installed with 2.2″ tires.  Then, which size you should choose for your jeep really depends on what your current objective is.  If you want the scaled look of your RC jeep, you really need 1.9″ tires.  However, it’s just that the smaller the tire you use, the worse your truck’s capacity is.  It’s just an eclectic.  The bigger the better in term of crawling over rocks.


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Those 1.9″ Tires look bigger but not as big as 2.2″ Tires, which don’t look like the scale at all.  With a set of 2.2″ wheels, your rock crawler will look exactly like a capable monster truck.   I would say you should decide what you are looking for.   To build a competitive reptile, then you will definitely want to have sets of  2.2″ wheels.  However, with 2.2″ wheels, the center of gravity of your jeep will be even higher and as a result, it might roll over easily as you speed it up.  In that case, you might want to add weights in the lower part of your RC jeep to balance out its weight.  Also, you can use 2.2″ wheels made of metal that adds weight to the lower part of your jeep.  To replace your 1.9″ wheels with 2.2″ wheels, you need to check if your original body shells are suitable for the new setup.  If not you might need to get a pair of scissors to trim the shell a bit.

On the other hand,  if you want to build a scaled RC rock racer, then 1.9s might make your RC jeep look better.  The 1.9″ wheels weight less, so they are more stable for bashing around the beach or dirt roads, in my opinion.

Check out how a RC jeep perform with bigger wheels

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This post has already been read 1125 times!

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