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What motors are in RC cars?

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Brushed vs brushless motors


The man in this video is an RC crawling professional. In his video, he compares a brushed motor and brushless motor. Since the prices of these kinds of motors are very different, one must learn the advantages and disadvantages between the two. For example, we usually use a brushless motor for a somewhat wet condition as is it tightly sealed, while a cheaper brushed motor is not; a brushed motor is more appropriate for dry grounds or rock climbing. However, if you are willing to pay more you will find a waterproof brushed motor. This man also teaches us how to select the right motors in these two categories. He talked about turns and KV and the meaning for them.

If you care about the power of your RC jeep, these are the important topics to know. In brief, the man has covered many topics in this video. If you are into rock crawling, you should take sometimes in watching this video.


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This post has already been read 1361 times!

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