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Will you order any Chinese product from

By admin 0 Comment March 23, 2019

  Taobao Ordering Service After the poll is completed, I will decide if I will go ahead to provide this service.  During the implementation, if you want to order an item from Taobao, you can go to to do a search and then give me the respective links. Then, I will check out the […]

Get the first month free for a speedy, affordable, and stable web host.

By admin 0 Comment February 21, 2019

My early stage of blogging Today, I would like to make a recommendation on a web host. I do it from my personal experience. Last year, around the month of February 2018, I started my first blog in my life. It is a blog for sharing knowledge in RC crawling/off-roading cars. At first, I started […]

We have just started a Facebook group for RC car hobbyists

By admin 0 Comment January 5, 2019

We have just started a Facebook group for RC car hobbyists.  Its name is RC Off-Road Cars for Beginners. If you are beginners, you are welcome to ask basic questions.  If you experienced, you are welcome to help the one without much knowledge in this group.  I will post tips, reviews, and videos once I […]

Moments of my blogging journey and more than 10 tips for starting a blog

By admin 2 Comments June 12, 2018

  No Pain, No Gain (I will continue updating this post)   In this article, I am going to talk about the sad and happy moments of the beginning stage of my blog, It is all about your Best RC crawler. In these moments, I have learned a lot about blogging.   At the […]

How did I get Started with my blog,

By admin 0 Comment May 7, 2018

 Who I am Hi, my name is Carlos Santos. I am a Portuguese/Chinese living in Macau, a tiny casino city in the south of China. I am a computer teacher in one of the good schools in that city. At the beginning of this year, I had a body checkup and found out that I […]

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