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  Rock crawling is an extreme form of off road driving using a vehicle. Drivers drive highly modified four-wheel-drive vehicles such as trucks, jeep and buggies over the very harsh terrain. Driving locations include boulders, mountain foothills, rock piles and mountain trails. Rock crawling competitions range from local event to national series.You win rock crawling…

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  Pennsylvania State University, is a prominent public research university located in Pennsylvania, USA. The United States Penn State University in Pennsylvania throughout the 24 campus, the largest of which is the main campus for the University Park. Penn State University’s University Park campus is ranked eighth in the nation’s public universities   Big campus…

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Why RC Jeep might catch your attention; Modern life is full of stress; it is especially true in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Macau.  Furthermore, from Monday through Friday, people living in those cities usually are extremely busy doing tasks for the money. They might hate…

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