Climb and run with Yeti

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Yeti is a fast rock racer.   If you want your jeep to be able to climb and run at the same time, you should get it.  It is much faster than a regular crawler.  In fact, it is an off-road formula 1.  You might easily get bored with the slow speed of a crawler, then don’t miss Yeti.  While it is at a higher price, in my opinion, it is worthy.  The excitement the Yeti brings to its driver is unexpected.

Can Yeti really Crawl?  Watch the above video to find out.  The video shows that Yeti is not only an offroad racer, it can also crawl very well.  Pay close attention to the steepness of the rocky paths.  It is very powerful indeed.  I love it.

An alternative to Yeti

If you have a limited budget and are considering buying the Yeti Jr, you must watch the video below.  The JR is not as capable as the Yeti.  The JR cannot crawl very well.  I suspect that it is due to its smaller size and limited power.

This is another high-quality Hong Kong RC jeep for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.  Watch the video presented here to find out more about the Yeti jr.

If you prefer one that fits your smaller budget.  There is a similar one produced by a Chinese manufacturer.  The jeep’s name is VRX RH1045.  You might be interested in getting it instead of Yeti.  If you have any friend in China ask him/her to order this RC jeep from, an online shopping site as it is really cheap.  You can get its brushless version/ready to run for less than USD 200.  It is a bargain if you need to ship it overseas.   On the other hand, its price on Amazon and eBay is in the range of $400-$500.  The VRX RH1045 can perform as well as the Yeti.  Don’t believe it?  Watch the video presented here.  You will set how well it can hand the roads.


Take a look at a Chinese site to find out the price of the above RC jeep/truck.  It is very cheap.  The price is not in USD!!!  There are sellers on eBay and Amazon selling the same products but they will double the price for westerns.

Watch the video here to find out who is the winner, Yeti or VRX?  Which has the better handling in the wild and rocky roads?  This is fun to watch especially if you are planning to get one of these RC jeeps.  You must watch this!!!.

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This post has already been read 1162 times!

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