Fix stripped screws on an RC car

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Regular maintenance of your RC car is just as important as racing with it. In fact, maintenance and its upgrade are equally fun as racing. While maintenance is often an easy and quick process, mishaps can happen anytime. One of the most recurrent problems with RC car’s maintenance is its stripped screws. This is usually a result of poor quality tools but can also happen due to one’s negligence. But there’s no need to panic. There’s a number of solutions to fix this problem.

Mentioned below are some of the ways you can fix the stripped screws on your RC car.


Screw Extractors

Screw extractors are a suitable tool to remove a screw. Other tools to fix the problem include a ball peen hammer and a small wrench. Fix the extractor firmly on the screw and use the wrench to rotate it. Once it starts spinning, pull it out with your hands.

Gear Puller

Gear pullers are possibly the best tool for disassembling cars for maintenance or repair. They are more durable and stronger than the tools that come with the car kit. They are a great replacement for pinion pullers that work on small screws. They can strip the larger screws and can also destroy the screws that are stuck inside the car.

Rotary Tool with a Cutting Wheel

This method requires complete eye protection, to begin with. In case of a screw stripped in an RC car’s body, cutting wheels are a durable form of the solution. The process of using a cutting wheel with rotary tools involves pieces flying in the air which are detrimental to your eyes. To fix the stripped screw, you have to open the car and remove it first. Grinding the set is the best way to go about it. In case a flat screw has been stripped, you have to use the cutting wheel to make a notch on the screw and remove it.

Steps to Prevent Stripped Screws

After acquainting yourself with the ways of fixing the screws, you have to know the means of preventing anything like this happening again. Two main requisites of prevention are good quality tools and their responsible use. RC cars come with a toolkit for basic maintenance. But you need higher-quality apparatus to go through full-fledged maintenance. Tools made of soft steel are sure to get your screws stripped. Use the tools with proper care, that fixes it into the car fully and operate.

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