Get the first month free for a speedy, affordable, and stable web host. - Best RC

Get the first month free for a speedy, affordable, and stable web host.

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My early stage of blogging

Today, I would like to make a recommendation on a web host. I do it from my personal experience. Last year, around the month of February 2018, I started my first blog in my life. It is a blog for sharing knowledge in RC crawling/off-roading cars. At first, I started my blog with a free web host. However, I got a very bad experience with it. It is so slow and unstable. After some time, I have decided to find a paid hosting with good speed.

An excellent hosting was found –

After doing some researches with Google, I found In one of the reviews I read, I found out that this hosting was so speedy that some of its hosted websites could load in 3 seconds. At first, I was so curious, but after some more investigations, I have decided to give it a try. In the remaining of this post, I will share what I found out about this hosting company.


The loading speed of my blog has been around 3 to 5 seconds. Sometimes, it loads slowly due to my laziness. I was too lazy to resize all my images. In, you can use Cloudflare to speed your website for free.  At this point, my website finish loading in 3 seconds.  It is excellent.


The price you pay is reasonable for a speedy web host. You can also find out as your billing cycle is longer, you will pay a lower price. I advise joining for a one-year plan to try out if blogging/website is right for you. In the first year, as your traffic is not heavy, you can join the StartSmart plan first. However, if you are confident that you will run your blog/website for more than one year, you should use the ScaleRight plan as it provides more resource to the site, it will load faster. That is important for having a site your visitors love.




A stable hosting is what you want if you do not check your website every day. A not loading website will drive its visitors away. Getting back these visitors is not easy as no one wants to finish half of the content and then wait and wait for the website to come back again. If you are using Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliate ads on your website, you do want a stable income, don’t you? The stability of a web host can affect your income in this regard. is very stable. I have tried to buy traffic to promote my site, the number of my daily visitors has increased from 100 to 1000. This traffic is real as it can be shown in Google Analytics. However, the hosting has been stable to handle all this gigantic traffic. Now, my blog has daily visitors of about 150 to 300.

Excellent Support

The support offered by has been fantastic. First, they will help you transfer your website, and have all the thing set up for you. Also, as a beginning blogger, I have changed domain names three times, and upgrade and downgrade my hosting plans for few times, but the support team still have the patient to solve all the related problems in the shortest possible of times.  I really appreciate their help.  Here is a screenshot for the excellent work this support team has done to my blog.


Free Daily Backup

You get a daily backup for your website, so you should not be worried about the loss of data.

Incentives for joining

1. Free Domain

When you register with, you will get a free domain. You can get any domain name of your choice. Thus, before joining, you need to think about what domain name you want

2. Coupon

You can use this coupon code for 15% of all shared hosting.

The following coupon is current.

EXPIRES 8/31/19

3. A Personal Gift from Me

After joining the, leave a message below, and send me an email ( ) and inform me about your decision. I will send you back the first-month payment for your web hosting via Paypal. In your email, please provide proof of your joining the web host.


To receive the gift, you need to click this following link.

Managed SSD Cloud VPS

Thanks for reading this post.

Carlos Santos, Your webmaster.

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This post has already been read 592 times!

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