High quality Chinese RC crawler for the hobbyists with a limited budget

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A cheap rock crawler

This is another high-quality Hong Kong/China RC jeep for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.  With a combo of spiders looks and jeep tires, an RC crawler gives a perfect look of little Hulk. There is nothing like watching your mini jeep with oversized tires go through roughest and toughest patches of land. Among the radio control (RC) vehicles the box wagons, cars, and many other toys, Crawlers are super cool and jumpy ones because of their features like crawling not only rugged off roads but also on extensive rocks.

This video is about an amazing Real-time experiment of Toy-Grade RC Cheap Rock Crawler. Just the way it is crawling on the massive rocky way and steering smoothly. Approximately 8″ wide by 5″ tall – uses 2 AAA and 4AA batteries a crawler is no less than a jeep ride on mountains. For its 31$ cheap price it’s a nice all in one toy.This Rock crawler delivers much more fun than you can expect. Though toy grade, it will seriously amaze you with its powerful and persistent rock crawling attitude.

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This post has already been read 834 times!

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