How did I get Started with my blog, UNXQ.COM(RCJEEP.COM)?


 Who I am

Hi, my name is Carlos Santos. I am a Portuguese/Chinese living in Macau, a tiny casino city in the south of China. I am a computer teacher in one of the good schools in that city. At the beginning of this year, I had a body checkup and found out that I have some problem with my health.  For this reason, after some consideration, I have decided to become a part-time teacher next year. Then, I believe I need a second source of income.

Why I started blogging

Originally I wanted to open a retail shop, however, opening a retail shop is quite risky, and requires a lot of physical strength, but due to my poor health, I don’t think I can handle the required tasks as the time progresses.  I believe a more passive income will be more reasonable in my situation. Then, I started to find a way in that I can make money and enjoy doing it at the same time. Finally, I came to the conclusion that I can start a blog on RC cars.

My Experience With RC

Even though I have been a hobbyist for more than 35 years, I am still a beginner.  My first RC car was from Tamiya; it was a 1/12 Celica, a very slow on-road RC car.  I remember the fun I had while playing with it.

Then, I got into offroad driving with the Sand Rover from Tamiya.  I bought this car as it could run everywhere without considering too much about the road conditions.

In 2016, I found out that there is a type of superb offroad RC cars in the market.   People called them Rock Crawlers.  They can crawl deep hills/rocks, and run in sand.  I also love to upgrade my crawler as needed.  My first RC Crawler is from SCX10.  Although I am never a professional driver on RC cars, I truly understand the needs of a beginning hobbyist.

My First Obstacle in Blogging

However, to start blogging,  I am worried about my English proficiency to write many blog posts so frequently.  Luckily, with the helpful advice and encouragement from my sister, Diana, who is an English teacher, I have gained more confidence.  Also, I am using a very effective editing tool from Grammarly, to check all my content, so that I can make sure that my English is easy to read and understand for all my visitors.   Although my content is not perfect, many visitors have told me that they do understand my English.  For all these reasons, I decided to write about RC cars on my blog.  From now on, in this section, I will write more about myself and my ideas (plans) towards this blog.

My Short-Term Objectives;

  • More people enjoy reading my content.  I hope they can find some useful information here.  Thus, please leave some comments on how you think about my content.  Thanks
  • I hope that in one-year time, I will have 1000 unique visitors from Google organic searches.
  • After I reach the 1000-visitor mark, I will start my affiliate marketing campaign (sales links) on my blog as I believe that they are the most useful pieces of information to my visitors.
  • At this point, I am using a landing page ( to promote my blog now renamed to  I am now buying traffic for the landing page, when the visitors come to my landing page, they will find out about my blog, and click some of the links to the most popular posts on my blog.  So far, it is effective. is getting 500 unique visitors daily.  Also, I do no buy backlinks for my blog.  Instead, I am acquired social signals for it.  I hope that my blog will become popular in the near future.


My Long Term Objective

I hope that I can recover my investment, and have some stable passive income over the years. So far, I have invested about USD $2000 on this blog. Also, I hope my visitors love to come this blog for fun and tips on RC crawlers.

Thanks for reading this post,


Carlos Santos

Your webmaster



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