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How to cool down your RC car?

By admin 0 Comment March 22, 2018

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A fan inside our RC cars

Everyone should know that there is a fan inside each computer. Without this fan, our computer will not be able to work properly as the heat inside our computer is very high. After you press the start button, your computer should start up but within minutes, it will stop working.

Then, should you install a fan inside your RC car? Is it necessary? It really depends on what power system are you using for your RC car. If you are using a lower power brushed motor with 7.2v NIMH battery, you might not need it. However, if you are using Lipo batteries with brushless motor, you should also install an electric fan on top of your electronic system.  You definitely do not want to damage your expensive electronic system, do you?

Once I was using a 3S lipo batteries with a 60A ESC, I actually burnt down my ESC as the electricity is too strong, so the heat is also very high.  Finally,  I solved the problem by installing a fan with a new ESC.


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This post has already been read 1051 times!

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