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HSP 94880, a 1/8 rc jeep / crawler

This is another high-quality Hong Kong RC jeep for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.  A mix of steady speed and giant monster tires gives an HSP RC jeep a perfect look and feel of a powerful crawler.  It certainly can win in a race.  This exciting jeep with oversized tires goes through rocky and messy surfaces of land.  When we compare it with the other radio controlled (RC) racing jeeps/trucks, this crawler is super fashionable and steady one because of its features like crawling not only rugged off roads but also on extensively scattered rocks. Its rolled-up tires provide sturdy persistence from getting stuck into muddy or any soften place and enhance its speed too.

How does HSP perform on the roads

This video is about the first test run on a silver-gray HSP 94880 1 / 8 scale 2.4GH RC off-road / rock crawling jeep with superb strong shock absorbers. With those dimensions, it can almost climb on any surface. A good beast to drive with thumbs up!  Indeed, it is a somewhat classy old fashioned stylish car.

Superb durable!

In the following image, while the words are not in English, you should be able to see the durable construction of this RC jeep.

It is powered by dual motors, one in the front and another in the back.   It also contains aluminum internal components with high-quality gears. In fact, it has a 4 wheel steering option that increasing its climbing ability.  In addition to the speed reached by this car, I would say that it is super resistant to any big accidents.  Look at just the way it is rushing on rocky heaps and steering smoothly right down the track. Its shock absorbers give a fine torque and centripetal force to turn over uneven land.

Reasonably priced

For its reasonable price, it’s a nice all in one RC jeep. This Rock crawler delivers much more fun than you can expect; it will seriously amaze you with its powerful and persistent rock crawling resilience.  This jeep is one of the many you must get.

Do watch and share the above video.  Below is the link of video available with a comprehensive description of this HSP crawler.


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This post has already been read 1349 times!

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