Let hold a RC conference in Pennsylvania State University

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Pennsylvania State University, is a prominent public research university located in Pennsylvania, USA. The United States Penn State University in Pennsylvania throughout the 24 campus, the largest of which is the main campus for the University Park. Penn State University’s University Park campus is ranked eighth in the nation’s public universities


Big campus for racing mini jeeps

Pennsylvania State University has a big campus.  Once you enter it, you probably will think what activities you can do there.  Besides studies, I think you can hold many different kinds of activities there.  One of those activities can be RC racing as this university has many large lots of land.

Since this is one of the top universities in the world, its students must study very hard for their future. While preparing for their future is important, they really need a break to escape from their studies during the weekend. Playing RC cars or participate in a RC racing is something they should consider doing as this is very exciting, and at the same time they can learn how to use their hands and mind together to solve problems. It is a very effective stress reducer.

Reasons for racing RC jeeps

To join a RC race, the participants need to lean how to modify their RC cars.

To win in a race, they are required to learn the basic theories and concepts of physics, and know how to apply them.  They need to know how to choose the appropriate motor for their car.  Also they must understand how the shock absorbers can help a car run smoothly and increase speed.  As their car’s speed goes up, they need to know how to reinforce the body of their car.  What materials are good for their purpose.  Therefore, RC cars are not toy cars; all driver need to  be able to apply their knowledge with their hands.

I hope everyone who is busy can escape his daily routine with RC during a weekend.


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This post has already been read 812 times!

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