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Tamiya Bruiser

If you are not a newcomer to RC cars, you should have heard the name of Tamiya who has been famous for 40 years in the RC market. One of its famous off-roaders is Bruiser which was first available in 1985. What special about this car is that has a realistic 3-speed transmission, with a solid axle leaf spring suspension.

For these features, it has been the dream for every RC car hobbyist for the last few decades. However, only a few of us can afford this truck as it has been a very expensive item. Currently, it is selling at about $600 on


HG P407, Bruiser Clone, was

released in China

HG P407, a Bruiser Clone was finally released in China recently. I could not resist buying it once it became available in As lucky as I was, I found a seller who is willing to sell the truck to me at RMB $1300. When I unboxed it, it really did not let me down. After receiving it, the wiper was cut off due to those careless carriers. Fortunately, the shell is good looking and still in place, but it is a bit thin. Whether it is durable will depends on how  I drive it.

Buying Advice

  • If you are planning to buy this truck and want to change colour, you are recommended to start with black. Then, in some places, it is no longer necessary to spray black; You do not even need to paint its taillights as they have been done.
  • The transmission is not very smooth, and the shifting is very awkward and frustrating. After I opened the gearbox, I found out that there was no oil in the transmission, the axle, and the shock absorption.  Now, I have learned I need to add oil to every new RC car I buy in the future.  If you are just an RC beginner, you should think if over if you have the ability to open the gearbox to add oil.
  • It is recommended that you still buy a special tool for the model. The original factory tool is too easy to strip the screws. It may be the reason for the first batch of vehicles. I hope that the manufacturers can improve the materials used in the process.
  • I hope in the near future, the manufacturer can introduce more accessories and option parts to improve the performance of this truck.
  • In the Tamiya’s Bruiser, there are two plastic gears in the gearbox so it is easy for them to get damaged. However, on the P407, steel gears are used. As a result, the gear system is durable.


Overall I love the truck P407 for its price and the potential for improvement. It is a 4×4 truck with a 3-speed transmission.  I believe that this truck will become popular as there is a huge demand for this type of truck.

In the second production run, HG has finally decided to produce the kit version for this Bruiser Clone.  Then, hobbyists can somewhat build the truck from scratch.  As a result, oil can be easily added to the gearbox and better quality screws can be used. It is a good news for us.

Thanks for reading

Carlos Santos

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This post has already been read 1690 times!

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