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Unbelievable! Lego RC jeep is actually crawling on Rocks.

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Unbelievable!  Lego Jeep actually can crawl.

I always think of Lego RC car as a weak little toy, in fact, it is not true.  Someone actually built a superb crawler using Lego bricks.  This jeep is a 4-wheel drive, with a superb suspension system.  It also has wonderful articulation, so it can crawl over rocks easily with its giant wheels.  Unexpectedly, it can also run over shallow water.  It is quite powerful as it has two motors pushed by a lipo battery.

This RC jeep is more durable than I expect from an RC car made of Lego bricks.  It is a little beast in the wild indeed!!

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This post has already been read 1609 times!