Upgrade and modify your 1/10 Axial RC crawler – replacing a better motor

A Crawler as the source for your excitement

As soon as you get one of these 1/10 RC jeeps from Axial, you will find out that you will never get tired of it. First, it is a ready-to-run jeep, so you can drive it once you get it.  I don’t think you can put it aside for a while as it is a beast in the wild.  While you can get a lot of excitement from it, you can learn how to use your hands to fix things.  It is much better than playing with your phone.

A 1/10 RC crawling jeep is always upgradable

After driving your 1/10 RC jeep for a while, you can always roll up your sleeves and upgrades with option parts such as replacing new tires and motor.  Then you will have a brand new jeep!  By doing so, you will not get bored with it as the performance of your jeep has just improved upon the recent upgrade.  Indeed, you also will find a lot of parts on Amazon to upgrade this RC jeep.  You will become your own jeep mechanic!

Different crawling jeeps have different setups

The first thing you might want to upgrade is the motor.  Axial produces different lines of RC jeeps.  If you choose RTR version, you will get different set up for your purchase.  They include scx10, wraith and rr10.  For scx10, they come with a  27T motor.   for the wraith jeeps, they come with a 20T motor.  Still, for the group of rr10 jeeps, they come with 35T.

The reason for the different motors used in those RC jeeps is that.  Ax10 is marketed for hobbyists who want their jeeps crawl and bash with speed.  They are usually beginners in the hobby.  However, as these hobbyists progress into this hobby, and go deeper into crawling, they might want to crawl more often, and then they can purchase the scx10 version.  Finally, they might be interested in participating in competitions, then they might need a more professional jeep.  That is why Axial also produces rr10.  However, for people with limited budget, and space consideration in their home, they probably just want to replace the current motor instead of buying a new jeep.


Written by Carlos Santos, your webmaster.