What can a Chinese RC offroader do?

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Huan Qi 727

This is another high-quality Hong Kong RC jeep for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.   Its name is Huan Qi 727, a clone of the Traxxas Slash 4×4 clone.  Out of the box, it is with 2s and brushless motor only.  However, it can also handle as powerful as 3s lipo battery and brushless motors with high kV. The excitement this powerful horse brings to you is unforgettable.   Don’t worry if this RC jeep can stand this abuse as the producer of this RC jeep uses imported materials to make it.

It is a capable clone for Traxxas Slash

You might ask why this particular producer design their own car?  While stealing other’s idea certainly is wrong, but we cannot overlook the quality of this product.  It is a civilian version of a Traxxas Slash.  For half of the price of a Traxxas Slash 4×4, HQ 727 is a wonderful RC car you will love it once you drive it.   In fact, you can find many videos in which people race HQ 727 with the Traxxas Slash.  Seeing is believing; this car can handle the same abuse on the race track and there is nothing is broken after the racing.

To ensure that result, the producer is actually using the same durable high-performance engineering plastic materials commonly used for making modern racing RC cars.  In fact, even when the time comes we need to upgrade or replace broken parts, its replacement and option parts are very cheap as they are made in China.  As a result, playing this jeep is worry-free, and can save money in your pocket.

You can use a brushless system

Also, don’t forget that it is running on a brushless system.  As the producer clearly state that its car can run on a brushless system, it shows that the producer believes that its car is a quality product; it is strong enough to withstand the violent in the wild.

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