What do you think of Chinese RC cars, cheap and low quality?

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Chinese RC cars are in low quality?

When we think of Chinese products, we might relate them to low quality and low prices, but in reality, that might not be the fact.  The reason why Chinese products are usually at a lower price is that; Chinese average wages are still low when they are compared to the wages earned by western workers.  Thus, manufacturers are able to lower their manufacturing overhead.

The RC market is very competitive

However, to compete with their western competitors, these manufacturers have to use higher quality raw materials.  This is, in fact, they usually have to make some clones of famous RC jeeps as their design expenditure is very low. Stealing other company’s ideas is clearly wrong.  However, in the viewpoint of a consumer with a limited budget, we might want to pay some attention to any RC jeep made in China.  For these reasons, the quality of these radio controlled cars is not as bad as we think of.  In fact, many well-known radio controlled cars are made in China nowadays.

Chinese RC hobby graded cars are in fact durable

Don’t believe what I just said.  Watch the video presented above. and you will understand my points.  You will find out that Many Chinese RC cars are indeed very durable and fast.  HSP is one of the famous RC brands of China.  HSP is a registered Hong Kong company.  RGT is one of its subsidiaries.   They have product lines in on road, off road, buggies, crawlers, electric, gas powered RC cars/jeep/trucks.  On eBay and Amazon, their prices are usually 200% of the prices in China.  Thus, if you have friends in China, Hong Kong, and Macau, and you want to give HSP a try, ask them to order for you.  You will not be disappointed at what HSP can offer to RC hobbyists.

Many Chinese RC cars are hobby graded

Also, all the RC cars made by HSP are hobby graded.  What I mean hobby graded is that you can find option parts of a certain component.  That is why people like to play hobby graded RC cars; if you break them, you can fix them.  For a brushed motor and a NiMH battery, you can replace them with a brushless motor with a lipo battery.  By doing so, you can increase your RC jeep’s speed up 100 KMH.  Also, out of the box, these RC cars usually come with a plastic suspension system.  To improve them, you can use shock absorbers made of aluminum materials.  However, as you are doing an upgrade of your RC jeep, you might get some of the screws stripped.  Still, you can replace all the screws with stainless ones.  Finally, you might want to spend $30 to get a waterproof ESC.

Chinese RC options

At this point, you might think that doing all these upgrades require you to spend a lot of money, but the fact is that these parts are usually at a price much lower than the prices of items from some famous brands such as Tamiya, Team Associate, Kyosho, and Axial.  As a result, you can get the excitement without breaking the bank.



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This is a high-quality Hong Kong RC jeep for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.

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This post has already been read 941 times!

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