What is 4×4 RC cars? Let’s see and find out.

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HSP 1/8 94880

The first thing I have to mention is that this crawling jeep (94880) is from HSP, a Chinese RC car maker.  It is a 1/8 rock crawler.  This jeep has four giant wheels, so it should be able to climb pretty well as it has high ground clearance.  It looks so big and powerful.    Then, its chassis is made of metal, so even it rolls over, it should stand this kind of abuse.  For its price (about $200), it should be one of the best HSP RC jeeps.  It also has all the required electronic components.

Upgrade this giant RC rock crawling jeep

I think upgrading this RC jeep by putting a brushless motor with low KV and lipo battery should be the first step to make it more powerful.  In the video, the man said lipo with 3000 mah can run the jeep for at least 30 minutes.   Finally, In Taobao.com, a Chinese website, you can get it for $100.  However, you will need to pay $200 for it on eBay and Amazon.


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This post has already been read 1187 times!

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