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Why RC Jeep might catch your attention;

Modern life is full of stress; it is especially true in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Macau.  Furthermore, from Monday through Friday, people living in those cities usually are extremely busy doing tasks for the money. They might hate their job, but for having a comfortable life, they need to do it. Thus, many people try to find something interesting to do during the weekend so they can temporally escape from their work. Some people good with their hands might be interested in having a hobby that requires the use of their hands, mechanical mind, and troubleshooting ability. Then, RC jeep might be the answer to their request. Playing RC jeeps/crawler is not equivalent to playing toys; it requires a lot of skills and knowledge on working machines and electronic system.

What can offer?

These potential hobbyists come to my site for the information they might need. Here, you will find out what you need to start this hobby. You will find video and text reviews for certain RC jeeps/crawlers. The author of the site has purchased and played with many types of RC cars since the 1980s. Thus, as visitors, you must find something interesting and fit your budget. You can also find out tips for upgrading RC jeeps as you progress with your RC jeep.  I have written some objective comments on a certain product as I  not trying to sell anything here.  My plan is to use Google Adsense to support this site.  Visitors can watch many carefully chosen videos that can bring them fun and knowledge on RC crawling.

For example, you can learn the difference between brushless and brushed systems, and the reason for picking a particular power horse for their RC jeeps. Knowledge is power as you might will your next race with this newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Share the knowledge;

As time passes, we have acquired knowledge on a certain topic throughout our life journey. Sharing knowledge with other people is the main way to gain and grow. Thus, I as the webmaster of this site, hope everyone comes to this site can share their idea. I believe that no idea is stupid as long as we are willing to listen to other attentively.

Your webmaster;
Carlos Santos

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This post has already been read 630 times!

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