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Who is Wltoys?

RC rock crawling has been a very popular activity around the world. Whenever we pay attention to these events online, it is not hard for us to see the advertisements from Axial.  Axial is the key producer of RC rock crawling jeeps. While Axial has very high-quality RC jeeps, their prices are very high. Does that mean hobbyists must pay high prices for joining this hobby?  Thanks to some Chinese producers in the market. Wltoys is one of the famous players. Wltoys is a toy company in Canton, a metropolitan in China. It has produced many kinds of RC cars, boats, and airplanes.  In fact, its main customers are from America, so you should be worry-free when it comes to quality.

You can find out more about this company by visiting his official website, In this article, I am going to discuss one of the popular RC crawler made by this company.

What is 10428?

Driving this 1/10 RC rock crawling jeep can make you feel like a professional driver. For its price and high quality, look no further. While you can get this jeep at eBay for under $200, it has a brushed 540 motor and its max speed goes up to 30 km/h. This WLtoys 10428, a superb jeep, can bring you the wonderful experience in the off-road running and cheer you up!

Watch the videos to check out the speed.

What Do I like about this RC rock crawler?

  • It is 2 speed RC jeep so you can have it run and crawl according to the different road conditions.
  • It has 4 LCD head lights so you can drive it day and night. These head lights are controllable for using the transmitter.
  • The color scheme is attractive so you can still see I even you are far away from it.
  • Its transmitter has a LCD screen so making adjustments for the jeep is easier.
  • As it is using 540 motor; therefore, replacing it with a more powerful brushless motor is possible.
  • This RC crawler has good articulations; thus,  it can crawl over rocks easily.

The weaknesses of this RC Jeep

  • The battery box is too small for a bigger LIPO battery.
  • The shocks are not oil filled.  As a result it is not as stable on the rough roads as its counterparts.
  • Most components of the chassis are made of plastics.
  • You have to do something to lock up the differential if you want this jeep crawl well.

Watch the video here to find out more about this RC rock racer.

Parts are easily available online

As upgrading and modifying a RC jeep is main part of the fun in this hobby, availability of parts is important.

You can click here to purchase the parts you need.

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This post has already been read 1673 times!

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