World of Tanks Game Review

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World of Tanks Game Review
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Amazing Free Game

Do you know anything about WW2? Do you like tanks that brawl through the battlefield? Do you like playing computer games? Then try out the new patch in World of Tanks by Wargaming. It provides a platform to show your dominance on the battlefield.  After all, you can play the game all the way for FREE.

World of Tanks is a Person Versus Person (PVP) based video game developed by Wargaming. It is based on tanks at world war 2, from mass production tanks to tanks that only exist in a blueprint. Wargaming’s development team has done some AMAZING work to recreate details of the tanks, giving players satisfaction on the gameplay.

Big Collection of Tanks

The game provides tanks that came from 11 different countries which are USA, UK, Germany, USSR, France, Czechoslovakia, Japan, China, Poland, Sweden, and Italian. These countries have tanks that come with different characteristics such as France tanks are famous for their auto-loading guns which can fire 4 to 8 shells in under 10 seconds while the Germany tanks seem to have incredible armor like the famous Maus and E100 super heavy tanks.

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Besides nations, it has different types of tanks to suit your fighting style, light tanks are eyes on the battlefield, helping allies to seek enemies while heavy tanks are brawlers that help to push a flank. Tank destroyers are monsters that snipe far away, hunting their opponents in a distance. Self-propelled guns are pure support vehicles that provide artillery fire to the front line. Medium tanks have the ability to run around the battlefield and support different flanks, yet they can even push a flank by forming a “wolfpack” to swarm enemies.

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More Game Details

Furthermore, the game has a level of tanks system from tier 1 (lowest) to tier 10 (highest). The higher the tier, the tank will be better in performance to compete with others. The tier system can let the player experience the specific tank type characteristics easily while progressing to a higher tier.

Game Performance

In terms of game performance, the game can run on almost every computer device even on low spec computers so the game is quite compatible. The game was a single core based. However, they recently improve it to multi-core process system so the game will run smoother than before. Even with the lowest graphics setting, a player can still be able to enjoy the game. At patch 1.0, Wargaming made a huge change on graphics which allow players to enjoy fine HD graphics with low-end computers.

It is not uncommon that,  for playing a game, we buy a  new computer. However, it is not necessary for getting into this game.

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There are several modes in the game content:

Random Battles

This is a mode that players will earn the most experience and credits from a random matchmaking system that will put players into 15 vs 15 battles. Players only have one life in the battle so they have to work with other players aiming to destroy all enemy tanks or successfully capture the enemy’s base. Maps are usually 1000m X1000m or 500m X500m.


Frontline is a 30 vs 30 defend /assault battle on a 5000m X5000m map which requires players on the assault team to capture different zones in order to push into the city and destroy turret targets to win the game while the defending team will try their best to protect the target. At the meantime, players will have a chance to respawn in certain locations to help teammates to attack or defend a flank.

Team Training

Team training provides a mode that let players explore maps and practice their skills without any consequence of repairing the vehicle or reducing the personal rating. This mode gives access to all maps and provides 40 max players to join while battle time can be custom up to 60 minutes. Besides, it does not affect a player’s statistics, giving players an area to master skills on each tank. However, it does cost player credits if they decide to fire shells, other than that is totally free of charge.

Clan Wars and Skirmishes

The mode is for clans that want to progress through the ranking board. This mode is to have small battles between clans based on tier 6, tier 8 and tier 10 tanks and they will be battling as 7vs7, 10vs10 and 15vs15 respectively. By winning battles, clans get resources that improve clan buildings and skills while boosting clan members’ in-game experience.



This is a great game to learn about world war 2. Yet it is a good multiplayer game that attracts gamers who like slower paced gameplay than those FPS (first person shooter) games. Its system requirements are low letting the game to be more popular in different regions. Try it out and it may surprise you.


Get a mouse pad, World War II.

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This post has already been read 722 times!