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Rock crawlers for the hobbyists with a limited budget

These are another high-quality Hong Kong/China RC jeeps for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.  This time, we introduce two smaller crawlers.  One is toy car that costs under $50.  Another is from HSP; its price is about $130.

A mini RC rock crawler might be your answer

Rock crawling is a very popular activity right now.  There are many professional or semi-professional competitions going on around the world. There might be one in your neighborhood.  When your kid watches a  video about a crawling race, he can be very excited.  Then, if your kid keeps asking to have one of the crawlers he sees on video, and you think all of these big monsters are over your budget.  You might be in trouble.

However, this little RC jeep might be your answer.  You can get this one to calm down your kid.  This RC jeep can crawl somewhat ok; sure it is not as powerful as some of the hobby graded crawlers in the market.  Its body is made of metal so if it rolls over, it can stand the abuse.  Also, its control is proportional, so you can decide how fast or how slow it crawls.  That is important when it climbs over some objects.  For its price, this RC jeep is a bargain!!!

As your progress, you might want a more capable 1/18 crawler

However, if you want a more stable crawler, and you are willing to pay little more than $100, you will be able to do it with HSP 94680.  It is a 4 wheel drive crawling monster.  While it is only 1/18, it is still very capable as you can see in this video.  Also, its body is made of aluminum, so you should not be worried much when it rolls over while crawling.  You can find this capable RC jeep in

Want to know how capable this crawler is, watch the video presented below.  You will be surprised by its power and ability.  A crawler must have a flexible and articulating suspension system so that it can climb rocks easily.  This HSP has it.  Also as its body is made  of aluminum, it is strong and light.  I believe you will love this baby.

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This post has already been read 719 times!

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